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Hi, I'm Ryan Wiemer

Ryan Wiemer

I'm a digital marketer with over eight years of experience. I currently work at Hero Digital as a director of client engagement. In my job I have the privilege of collaborating with designers, developers and strategists to create engaging websites and digital campaigns for our clients. Whether it is wrangling cross-functional teams, coordinating timelines or just keeping everyone on track I love working on digital projects. Outside of work I strive to keep my technical skills sharp by contributing to open source projects on GitHub.

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More About Me

🐕 Pets
I have two goldendoodles named Birch and Lemon. Honestly, they have a better online presence than most people.

🌁 Years in California
I have spent the past seven years calling the San Francisco Bay Area home. With so much to see and do it really is a great place to explore.

🍕 Favorite Food
Pizza. Thin crust, deep dish and everything in between.

📺 Latest Streaming Binge
Recently I have enjoyed watching Scandinavian crime dramas. If you can get past the barrier of subtitles there are a lot of great options out there. Some recent favorites include The Bridge, Bordertown and Quicksand.